Agenda will run 8.20am - 6.00pm CET

8:00 am Virtual Coffee Networking Morning

8:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Precision Medicine Application Across an Evolving European Landscape: Exciting Advancements & Current Socio-Political Environment

8:30 am The Translational Perspective: Early Biomarker Decisions Today to Influence Precision Medicine Successes of Tomorrow


  • Starting with the end in mind: Early biomarker decisions for down the line precision medicine success and optimise outcomes for patients
  • Working with your stakeholders to devise a robust biomarker programme
  • Bridging the preclinical and clinical gap, and translating clinically validated predictive biomarkers with improved treatment outcomes

9:00 am Session Reserved for NeoGenomics Laboratories

9:30 am Session Reserved for Roche Tissue Diagnostics

10:00 am Panel Discussion: Current Socio-Political & the Changing Healthcare Landscape Influences on Precision Medicine Delivery in the EU


  • Implications of Covid-19 on the delivery of precision medicine
  • Following Brexit: How are impacts being felt across the industry and potential disruptions to targeted therapy development
  • Precision medicine in the EU: A leading precision medicine market but where can we improve? Highlighting challenges connecting a diverse landscape to deliver better treatment outcomes
  • With IVDR regulations coming into effect in just over a year in the EU – Where are we now? What bottlenecks are foreseen for precision medicine implementation come May 2022?

10:45 am Session reserved for HalioDx

11:15 am Speed Networking & Coffee Networking Break

1:15 pm Networking Lunch


Whilst enjoying a bite to eat, you can take part in:

  • 121 Pre-Scheduled Meetings With Our Event Partners: Take part in 1:1 networking with market leaders pioneering exciting advances in the biomarker-driven drug development space
  • Group Networking: Join your fellow attendees for groups discussions reflecting on the morning’s topics. Collaborate and connect to consider applying new ideas and innovations to propel your pipelines forward

4:00 pm Afternoon Speed Networking Break

4:20 pm Panel Discussion: Women & Diversity in Precision Medicine

Data & Advanced Technology in Rare Disease: Generating Insights for Faster & More Focussed Patient Stratification

Moderator: Guillaume Desachy, Principal Biostatistician, AstraZeneca

5:00 pm Harnessing Transcriptional Profiling for Immune-Based Cancer Patient Stratification

  • Xavier Solé Acha Head of Unit of Bioinformatics for Precision Oncology, Catalan Institute of Oncology


  • Deconvolution of bulk gene expression tumour data allows for a comprehensive quantification of a complete set of immune cell fractions within the tumor context
  • The quantification of immune cell fractions can contribute to identify those immune cell types which may have a role in patient survival, and therefore contribute to a more precise stratification of patients based on their predicted prognosis
  • The use of functional signatures of drug response can also contribute to identify potential therapeutic strategies specific for each one of the identified immune-based groups

5:30 pm An Early Phase Case Study in a Biomarker Selected Patient Subgroup from a Rare Disease

  • Ellie Corigliano Global Director Medical Affairs, Oncology, Thoracic & Pan Tumor Biomarkers & Diagnostics, Oncology Global Medical Affairs, Merck & Co.


  • Talk details coming soon!

6:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

6:05 pm End of Day 1