Why Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe?

Biomarkers are essential to drug development. With a highly complex landscape, Europe has typically faced additional hurdles challenging the pace at which precision medicines can be delivered to market. Despite Covid-19 adding additional pressures into the mix, progressions are still being widely made to navigate variances between geographical and regulatory expectations across the continent.

For these reasons combined, it has never been more important to engage and communicate such progress with the community to ensure precision medicine pipelines are set up for success.

Uniting translational, clinical, regulatory and commercial functions, Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe is your end-to-end meeting for translating exploratory signatures into clinically predictive biomarkers and overcoming key bottlenecks to driving adoption and access to game-changing diagnostic-enabled precision medicines.

Why Should You Attend in 2022?

Overcoming roadblocks in the development and delivery of clinically predictive markers are vital to delivering on the promise of precision medicine, increasing market share and breaking through competition.

If you are dedicated to streamlining the demonstration of therapeutic efficacy, maximizing clinical success or improving the market penetration of precision medicines, this is your place to be! Join the community that’s been with us now for over a decade.

We’re bringing you ground-breaking content tackling the most pressing challenges to today’s precision medicine development continuum. Here is some of the exciting content showcased at the 2021 Summit:

  • Dive into exploratory biomarker identification and the application of genomics and bioanalytical methods for the generation of sound data to effectively translate biomarker signatures towards the clinic 
  • Discover new tools, guidelines & initiatives within the EU regulatory framework for CDx based personalised medicines to better inform your Drug-Dx co-development
  • Hear how data and advanced technology is being utilized to generate insights for faster and focussed patient stratification in rare disease, improving efficiency and in development timelines
  • Get up to speed on innovations in today’s biomarker driven and diagnostic enabled trials in oncology and beyond and apply key learnings to streamline and shape your own clinical strategy
  • Gain a perspective from the NICE Dx Advisory Board on maintaining EU reimbursement systems which work and demonstrating the utility of testing to secure optimal reimbursement