Why Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe?

Biomarkers are essential to drug development. With a highly complex landscape, Europe has typically remained behind the precision medicine curve. As progressions are made in navigating geographical and regulatory expectations, it’s never been more important to engage with the community to continue to ensure precision medicine pipelines are set up for success.

Uniting translational, clinical, regulatory and commercial functions, Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe is your end-to-end meeting for translating exploratory signatures into clinically predictive biomarkers and overcoming key bottlenecks to driving adoption and access to game-changing diagnostic-enabled precision medicines.

For biomarker, translational and clinical teams, key topics of discussion include:

  • Optimizing patient stratification to enhance preclinical trials
  • Maximizing clinical outcomes with next-generation technology
  • Enhancing clinical trial design and development for improved patient outcomes
  • Streamlining data analysis and integration for informed trial development and clinical decision making

Understand the cutting-edge advances in precision medicine from uncovering novel predictive and stratifying markers to applying game-changing clinical insights to enhance studies and deliver reliable and clinically applicable therapeutics.

For diagnostic, commercial and market access teams, key topics of discussion include:

  • Enhancing business models, collaborations and partnerships
  • Maximizing global market access through effective internal strategies
  • Navigating a complex regulatory field
  • Exploring the fragmented payer requirements across Europe

Learn how to maximize commercial results through effective internal strategies, navigating geopolitical changes, reducing the impact of the shifting landscape on your market share and enhancing clinical uptake.