What is the Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe Meeting?

Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe is uniting biomarker, diagnostic and precision medicine leaders to advance clinically predictive biomarkers to proven IVDs. Improving patient outcomes and standard of care, this meeting is built for biomarkertranslationalclinicalregulatory and commercial functions to tackle end-to-end challenges and deliver successful drug-Dx products.

Following the FDA’s approval of 12 personalised medicines and 7 diagnostics in 2019, then a record number of precision oncology drugs in H1 2020,  demand is high for Dx-enabled therapies to reach the market.  Despite the added pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to a changing regulatory and fragmented environment, we are seeing significant progresses by pharma, academia and diagnostic expertise towards expediting the development of drugs in areas of great unmet medical need. It’s now important key stakeholders come together to share successes and lessons learnt to contextualise on advances and collaborate to deliver therapeutic advances in a more time effective manner.

Over the course of two days, the 11th annual Clinical Biomarkers & CDx Europe Summit will bring all stakeholders together to fast-track precision medicine through clinically validated biomarkers and companion diagnostics partnerships in Europe. The two-tracks meeting will tackle key conversations spanning biomarker discovery through to drug-Dx market penetration, enabling you with innovation to power pipeline progression. Join to hear and learn from true trailblazers on latest tools and techniques validating biomarker utility, overcoming patient selection challenges in rare disease, key clinical case-study learnings shaping diagnostic strategy in addition to the much needed core EU focus on navigating a tricky regulatory and reimbursement landscape to prevent incoming regulations hindering the delivery of critical drugs to patients in need.

Featuring dynamic panels, 5+ hours of networking, interactive roundtables and not to mention the incredible 45+ expert speakers – You won’t want to miss this important and timely opportunity to re-connect with your global precision medicine peers at this industry leading event! 

How Will it Help You Deliver Predictive Markers & Effective Drug-Dx Products?

Built for biopharma, clinical and diagnostic teams, this meeting provides the opportunity to tackle your biggest roadblocks and uncover new opportunities in biomarker research and drug development.

You can hear from the likes of Merck KGaA, AstraZeneca, Regeneron, TÜV SÜD & many many more for 2 days of in-depth case studies, interactive panel discussions, dedicated Q&A time and highly appraised online networking opportunities to meet and learn from industry trailblazers and precision medicine pioneers.

What’s more, our streamed format gives you the opportunity to tailor attendance to suit your needs, allowing you to get the best possible return from your attendance. Check out the full event guide to see what will be discussed!

Why Should You Attend?

Overcoming roadblocks in the development and delivery of clinically predictive markers are vital to delivering on the promise of precision medicine, increasing market share and breaking through competition.

If you are dedicated to streamlining the demonstration of therapeutic efficacy, maximizing clinical success or improving the market penetration of precision medicines, this is your place to be! Join the community that’s been with us now for over a decade.

We’re bringing you ground-breaking content tackling the most pressing challenges to today’s precision medicine development continuum. Here are some of the new & exciting content you can expect in 2021:

  • Dive into exploratory biomarker identification and the application of genomics and bioanalytical methods for the generation of sound data to effectively translate biomarker signatures towards the clinic 
  • Discover new tools, guidelines & initiatives within the EU regulatory framework for CDx based personalised medicines to better inform your Drug-Dx co-development
  • Hear how data and advanced technology is being utilized to generate insights for faster and focussed patient stratification in rare disease, improving efficiency and in development timelines
  • Get up to speed on innovations in today’s biomarker driven and diagnostic enabled trials in oncology and beyond and apply key learnings to streamline and shape your own clinical strategy
  • Gain a perspective from the NICE Dx Advisory Board on maintaining EU reimbursement systems which work and demonstrating the utility of testing to secure optimal reimbursement

What’s more, it's free to attend for drug developers and researchers! What’s not to love?

Hear What Our Attendees Say

"This is the best platform for digital conference I have attended this year, you have set the bar in my mind."

Maverick Therapeutics

“Fantastic organisation along with facilitation of effective networking. Conference content well thought through covering major discussion points within the field of Companion Diagnostics & Clinical Biomarkers.”

MiNA Therapeutics

“It was great as ever, both from content as well as networking opportunity. The Hanson Wade Team has again done a great job.”


“The Hansonwade team are really on the ball when it comes to customer service, industry insights and understanding what makes an event work.  Great location this year and look forward to the next event!”


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